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Additional Resources

The Catechism

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Revised in Accordance With the Official Latin
Text Promulgated by Pope John Paul II


Catholic Bibles

The New American Bible: Saint Joseph Edition
Rev. Donald Senior, General Editor

This is the Bible that Sister Marie Therese used when she created the Catholic Scripture Study, Inc. lessons.

coverThe Catholic Study Bible: New American Translation
Rev. Donald Senior, General Editor

This study Bible includes a generous assortment of general and introductory articles, reading guides by recognized scholars, reference articles and colorful maps.

coverJerusalem Bible: Jerusalem Bible Translation 
Alexander Jones, General Editor

The Jerusalem Bible continues to be a popular translation among Catholics. Many people prefer the way the pages are laid out like a book instead of in two vertical columns.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical Books: New Revised Standard Version 
Rev. Bruce M. Metzger and Roland E. Murphy, General Editors


Bible Commentaries
Navarre Bible Commentaries

Listed individually under each lesson year below, these one-volume commentaries, written by faculty members of the University of Navarre, cover all of the books of the Bible. The style is easy to read, with much spiritual depth. They are well done but not overly technical. We recommend this excellent series for all that are seeking a deeper understanding of the Scriptural texts.

International Bible Commentary
William R. Farmer, editor

The I. B. C. brings together in one volume many voices speaking from different cultural perspectives to interpret God‚s word for modern man. This commentary offers a guide to each book of the Bible as well as insights into contemporary concerns from diverse cultural perspectives.

Collegeville Bible Commentary

This is a comprehensive yet concise Bible commentary, which continues to be a popular resource for all non-specialist Bible students who are looking for help in understanding and appreciating the Good News. 

covercoverThe Collegeville Old Testament Commentary


The Collegeville New Testament Commentary

The Collegeville Pastoral Dictionary of Biblical Theology

coverThe Collegeville Atlas of the Bible



coverNew Jerome Biblical Commentary
This commentary, like its predecessor, the J.B.C., represents the efforts of some of the finest Catholic Scripture scholarship in the country. It is quite technical however.



Resources for Year I: The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

The Unity of Luke‚s Theology
by Robert F. O'Toole, S.J.

coverLuke, a Devotional Commentary: Meditations on the Gospel according to St. Luke, edited by Leo Zanchettin.


The Navarre Bible: St. Luke

The Navarre Bible: Acts of the Apostles


Resources for Year II: The Pentateuch: Genesis - Deuteronomy

covercoverUnderstanding the Old Testament
by Bernhard Anderson.

(Abridged Version)


coverThe Oxford History of the Biblical World
edited by Michael D. Coogan.



Resources for Year III: The Gospel and Letters of St. John

coverThe Gospel and Epistles of John: A Concise Commentary
by Raymond Brown


The Navarre Bible: St. John 


Resources for Year IV: The Prophets and Book of Revelation

The Prophets: The Assyrian Period, Vol. 1
by Klaus Koch, translated by Margaret Kohl

The Prophets: The Babylonian and Persian Period, Vol. 2
by Klaus Koch, translated by Margaret Kohl

Navarre Bible: Revelation
by Jose M. Casciaro and Vincent Twomey

The Second Coming of Jesus:  Meditation and Commentary on the Book of Revelation
by O. Praem, Vincent J. Giese, and Alfred A. McBride


The Lamb's Supper:  Mass as Heaven on Earth
by Scott Hahn



Resources for Year V: Wisdom Literature and New Testament Epistles

coverThe Tree of Life ˆ An Exploration of Biblical Wisdom Literature
by Roland Murphy, O.Carm.



coverPaul: A Critical Life
by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor


Becoming Human Together: The Pastoral Anthropology of St. Paul
by Jerome Murphy O'Connor

The Navarre Bible: Romans and Galatians

The Navarre Bible: Corinthians
edited by Gonzalo Aranda, commentaries by the Faculty Of Theology Of The University of Navarre

The Navarre Bible: St. Paul's Captivity Epistles
edited by Jose M. Casciaro, commentaries by members of the Faculty of Theology of the University, translated by Michael Adams



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