Question #1 For Whom Is This Bible Study Intended?
CSS has the teaching of the Catholic Church as its foundation and is open to all people who have an interest in Scripture and the Catholic Church.  CSS fosters growth and maturity in the participants’ faith and prayer life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and returns them to their parish with a closer relationship with God.  Members are encouraged to use this growth to teach others about the Catholic faith and about living the Word of God.  CSS is intended for those of Beginning, Intermediate or Any Level of Bible Understanding.
Question #2  How Do I Start Up A Class At My Parish?
After viewing our website at you may contact us and request our new CD containing all five years of our CSS Program.   Most people prefer to speak with their pastor to receive his approval and in some cases he has time to be involved.  Also, if you know of any Catholics that have been in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) they make great leaders in this effort.  They have the experience in leading Discussion Groups and since Catholic Scripture Study was patterned in format after BSF they are familiar with how the classes are run.  The only difference now is that ‘Catholic Doctrine’ is taught.  Included on the CD is our Training/Reference (T/R) Manual with complete instructions on how to run a class and also documented instructions of the different leadership positions.  We are always available for help.
Questions #3  What Are The Cost Involved?
Sister Marie Therese Wright, SSMN, the author of this Scripture Study, always wanted this course available to anyone interested in Spreading God’s Word and learning Scripture.  In line with this, we have always offered the courses ‘Free of Charge’.  We ask only, as explained in the Manual, that after meeting copy expenses etc. that you consider through discernment, collecting faith offerings through the use of an offertory basket.  This is explained more fully in the Training/Reference (T/R) Manual and also on the website.  Some Pastors or DRE’s have an Adult Education Budget to charge this study to and prefer to make an upfront offering which can later be recovered through weekly collections, if desired.  This is entirely voluntary and not required.  It does however allow us to maintain our website, send the program FREE to those who cannot afford it but wish to study God’s Word and also to send 25% of the offerings received to Sister’s Order, the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur.
Question #4  Does This Study Require The Leadership Of A Priest?
Because of the great shortage of Priests today there is a great need for Lay people to take a more active role in the Spread of their Faith.   It is definitely not necessary to have a Priest lead the study.  It certainly helps if they give their blessing and approval to having the study at their parish.  In some cases they may even offer, schedule permitting, to give an occasional lecture.
Question #5   How Much Bible Knowledge Is Required?
CSS is designed for beginners, Intermediate or Advanced participants.  The Group Discussions help those that are beginners but even the more advanced students experience the presence and blessings of the Spirit in reading and studying the Word of God.  One can always learn more!
Question #6   How Much Time is Required To Complete A Weekly Lesson?
For the most meaningful participation in Catholic Scripture Study, CSS, members are encouraged to allocate about twenty minutes of uninterrupted study time daily.  Always pray that God will make His Word real to you.

The Catholic Scripture Study, Inc. (CSS) materials you receive each week include Lesson Commentaries that will build your bible knowledge and provide principles for present-day living.  At the end of each lesson notes and Scripture readings, questions are included for the following week’s study.  These questions are divided into six days…about three questions each day.  You might allocate 20 minutes per day depending on the depth of the question.  Sometimes, one cannot do his/her lesson daily but will allocate a particular day of the week to complete all the questions and reading of the Commentary.  That might require 1-1/2 to 2 hours depending on each student. We always encourage each participant to try and complete the homework assignment as the more you put into the study the more you receive out of it.
Question #7   Do I Need Training?
Catholic Scripture Study, Inc. (CSS) provides a Training/Reference (T/R) Manual, which is included on the CD.  It gives General Information as to the background of Catholic Scripture Study Inc. and the Class Structure.  The different Areas of Responsibility are discussed and available for you to Copy for those that take on that responsibility.  The Leader after selecting those who will help implement this study may consider meeting with her/his group and, using the Manual, hold a Training Session before beginning the year of study.  Occasionally, Catholic Scripture Study, Inc. will hold a Training Seminar at various locations.  Watch our Website under ‘News’ for a posting of that information.  However, the T/R Manual supplies you all the information you would need to be able to start up a study at your parish.
Question #8   When Is The Best Time To Start Up A Class?
Most locations begin the study about Labor Day, and complete the study around Memorial Day.  There are no hard and fast rules and it is left to each location to work out their schedule.
Question #9   What Bible Should I Use; What Reference Materials Are Available?
The Bible you use for Catholic Scripture Study (CSS) is a very personal possession.  You may want to add notes in the margin or underline favorite passages.  You my use your present Bible or you may prefer to acquire The New American Bible. This is the Bible that Sister Marie Therese used in writing this study.   If your Bible does not have maps of the areas being studied, you may want to purchase the Atlas Of The Bible Lands by C.S. Hammond, or any paperback Atlas at a bookstore.

As to the Reference Materials, The Catechism Of The Catholic Church, The Navarre Bible Commentaries and Sister’s Commentaries are materials that will help you in preparing Lectures.
Question #10   How Many People Do I Need To Start Up A Class ?
It is generally suggested that you have at least 6 to 10 people to start up a class.  That would give you one Group Discussion Table.  As your class becomes larger additional tables can be added.
Question #11   Does This Study Have An Imprimatur?
Bishop Vann of Ft. Worth has given us a Letter Of Endorsement.  We at CSS have chosen this route rather than take the time and expense necessary to pursue obtaining an Imprimatur.
Question #12   Do I Have To Begin With Series I ?
We recommend beginning with Series I, The Gospel Of Luke And Acts Of The Apostles. This is where Sister Marie Therese began writing the lessons and it therefore has a nice Introduction to using the Bible and acquainting Catholics in reading Scripture. However, you may choose to begin with any Series of Study.
Question #13 Can This Be Done As An Individual Study?
Sister Marie Therese intended Catholic Scripture Study to be used as an Adult Group Discussion Class, not as an Individual at Home Study.
Question #14   Can This Study Be Adapted for Junior/Senior Students?
Yes, this Study can easily be adapted for Junior/Senior High School Students in a Class Room Environment.
Question #15   Can RCIA Participants Benefit From This Study?
This is a wonderful follow-up for Catholic Converts just entering the Church.  Most Members of the Protestant Faith are more familiar with reading Scripture than most Catholics.  Catholic Converts can now read and study Scripture as they learn Catholic Doctrine.
Question #16   Is This Study Available In Spanish?
At the present time the study is not available in Spanish.